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Chicago-Area Girl Awaiting Heart Transplant Does ‘Kiki Challenge,' Pleads For Visit From Drake

Kiki may not love Drake, but Sofia sure does.

“I hope you can come and see me at the Lurie Children’s hospital, because Ilove your music and you're awesome,” she said.

So awesome, she recorded her own Kiki challenge video just one day before open heart surgery, hoping to get the superstar’s attention.

“Your concert is this Saturday at the United Center and I want to go but I can't cause I'm stuck here so I want you to come and cheer me up for my birthday," she said.

You’d never know it by her sparkling smile but Sofia’s had a hard summer. She was recently diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, shes been in the hospital for for seven weeks.

“The function of the heart is not very good, it affected the way she was feeling how she was doing her strength how her organs worked her kidney her liver," said Dr. Stuart Berger, a pediatric cardiologist.

Doctors at Lurie installed a ventricular assistance device.

“It’s a machine that helps my heart pump, and it's this thing,” Sofia explains in her video to Drake.

Still, Sofia needs a new heart and a transplant surgery could be three to sixth months away.

“Seeing her friends going to the pool, going on vacation, and shes been sitting in her bed, really rough mentally and physically," Natalie Sanchez, Sofia's mother, said.

Sophia is still recovering and it could be another month before she can go home to wait for a heart.

Helping her stay positive and heal? A little hip hop and hope.

“Please, please, please, please--puppy eyes--come and see me for my birthday--or any day,” she begs of her favorite artist Drake.

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