Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs Debut at Fashion Week

They have scented drumstick charms that you can take on and off.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Fashion week in New York City is filled with trend-setting styles that set the tone for the industry.

Some are wondering how Kentucky Fried Chicken and Crocs ended up collaborating on a new shoe.

The top of the shoe looks like fried chicken, while the soles have red stripes and resemble the famous KFC chicken bucket. They even have two removable chicken-scented charms or "jibbitz" that look like a drumstick.

They debuted during designer Christian Cowan's show on Feb 11. South Korean Artist "Me Love Me a Lot" (MLMA) was wearing them at the show. She's even featured in a highly produced video promoting the collaboration.

The shoes will be available in the spring for $59.99.

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