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Woman Found Chained in Home; Toddler Lived in Feces



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    Chicago Police
    Ernest Claiborne (L), Sally M. Adams (R)

    A former Chicago woman and her son chained a disabled woman to a weight bench and kept a toddler in squalid conditions, police in Kenosha, Wis., say.

    Sally M. Adams, 56, and her son, Ernest Claiborne, 34, are currently being held in the Kenosha County Jail with bail set at $10,000 each after they were arrested and charged with felony false imprisonment, abuse of a person at risk and reckless endangerment.

    The pair were arrested Saturday after police responded to a report that the 2-year-old boy's father was turned away from the home by Adams.

    Inside, police said they found the child in a car seat with a dirty diaper and lice in his hair.  He was found with his face covered in a small, dark bedroom.

    In the dining room, police found Adams' 38-year-old daughter on the floor with her left ankle chained to a weight bench.  She was covered in urine and feces and could not stand or walk.

    Claiborne and Adams said the woman chained to the bench has the mental capacity of a 5-year-old and had a history of wandering away from home, according to authorities.  The woman is now in the hospital.

    Claiborne and Adams do not have prior criminal records, police said.  They're due in court on Jan. 12.