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Heroic Teen Off the Hook for Hospital Bills

Trevor Hall, 17, credited with saving the life of a distressed swimmer earlier this week



    Heroic Teen Off the Hook for Hospital Bills
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    A teenager from Zion who jumped into a Wisconsin lake to save a boy from drowning is off the hook for the hospital bills lobbed at him after a well-being check.

    Trevor Hall, 17, was credited with rescuing a 14-year-old boy who'd gone under water in Silver Lake, in southern Wisconsin, earlier this week.  Hall heard calls for help and ended up diving into the water and pulling the unconscious swimmer to safety.

    But the next day, Hall's guardian was charged nearly $2,000 for hospital tests and ambulances services after paramedics insisted her son be checked out.  Hall swallowed water during his rescue, a Kenosha County Sheriff's deputy said.

    Nicole Bollinger -- Hall's cousin and legal guardian -- felt that Kenosha County should cover those expenses, pointing to questions about why the lifeguard on duty at the time hadn’t acted sooner.

    On Thursday, Aurora Medical Center relented, forgiving the $1,219 for blood work, X-rays and an electrocardiogram.

    "The family has been through enough,” said Michael Brophy, an Aurora Medical Center spokesman, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, which originally reported the story.  "We’ve just made the decision not to send them a bill. Why make them go through another process?"

    Hall still could be stuck with the nearly $700 bill for the ambulance ride.  Kenosha County officials have instructed the family to file a claim with them that would be reviewed.