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Kenosha Police Make Christmas Video

Kenosha police officers create new version of "12 Days of Christmas"



    Kenosha Police Make Christmas Video

    Hoping to add a little laughter to what can be a hectic time of year, police in Kenosha have created a video of their version of the "12 Days of Christmas."

    In the video posted to the Internet, officers sing about gifts from their chief that include bullets, guns, jelly doughnuts, night shifts and coffee breaks.

    One officer is shown with his feet up on a desk sipping coffee. Another is sitting in front of a box of doughnuts, his nose and cheek smeared with jelly.

    After "The Twelve Days of Christmas," traditional versions of two more carols play as pictures, which include some officers, float across the screen

    The video situated above a link to a recruiting video.