Chicagoan Who Endured Katrina Watches Harvey With Compassion

As New Orleans native Tovi Khali watches the devastating images from Hurricane Harvey, they take her back to 2005 when Katrina ripped through her hometown.

“There are certain things still as a grown woman that Katrina has shifted in my life that will never be the same,” Khali says. “It’s bringing it all back to me everything is just rushing Just like Katrina just happened.”

More than 10 years ago, Khali had been in the french quarter when Katrina hit and the hurricane trapped her in a hotel until help arrived.

“There were two buses that came in--got the last seat--came here to Chicago,” she said.

As Khali watches the impact of Harvey in Texas, she can not forget how that state took people in after Katrina. Khali says she understands what Harvey's victims have been dealing with all week.

“I know what they are going through, it’s like a war bond,” she said.

Khali has continued her career as a professional singer here in Chicago and she uses her music to talk about what she lived through. But she has also become an advocate for change after Katrina tore through her hometown.

“There is so much unfinished business with levees and the infrastructure," she said. "There is so much unfinished business here.”

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