CTU Boss Karen Lewis Endorses The Hulk Over Superman

The caped crusader is a "tool of the ruling class," she tweets

Chicago Teachers Union boss Karen Lewis might be cagey about plans to run for mayor, but she has a lot to say on a debate that divides many a comic book geek.

Lewis took to Twitter on Wednesday night to chime in on a question posed by Our Man in Chicago blogger Scott Smith, who tweeted: "I'm tired. Can we talk about something dumb for a little while? Half an hour? Superman vs Hulk - who wins? Superman obviously. COME AT ME!"

Seemingly out of nowhere, Lewis replied with one word: "Hulk."

Then she kept going.

Should Lewis decide to enter the mayoral race against archnemesis Rahm Emanuel, then at least one of their debate topics should include Superman-vs-Hulk for the entertainment value alone.

Although, given his famously explosive temper, Emanuel might side with Lewis and embrace Bruce Banner's alter ego over Clark Kent's caped crusader. 

Your turn: Superman or the Hulk?

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