Karen Lewis Believes Rahm's “In Trouble”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has $5 million in his reelection campaign coffers more than a year out from the filing deadline, but with lagging poll numbers, the sharks are starting to smell blood in the water.

Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis, a longtime vocal critic, says Emanuel is vulnerable, and believes he'll need every penny of his campaign war chest to win another term.

"I believe there's this notion that if you have a lot of money that you can overwhelm your opponents and we don't believe that. We believe that the number of people going to vote is what's going to be important," Lewis said. "His polling is what it is. He hasn't released the polls, but I think other people have been doing them, and we know what the numbers look like and they're not good for him."

Lewis says Emanuel has alienated all of Chicago, but when asked if she'd consider running against him herself, she said she's happy with the job she has.

The mayor's office did not return calls asking for comment.

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