Justin Bieber's Song Helps Suburban School Raise Money

Evanston Township High School students raised $1,000 thanks to Justin Bieber's "Like baby, baby, baby, oh."

Justin Bieber's biggest hit helped some students at Evanston Township High School raise money for a good cause in a peculiar way.

Seniors Charlotte Runzel and Jesse Chatz wanted to collect funds for Boocoo cafe, a non-profit coffee shop and arts center popular among students but struggling because of financial difficulties, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Runzel and Chatz came up with the idea of playing Justin Bieber's "Baby" song over the school's P.A. system at the end of each class until people donated enough money to reach their $1,000 goal.

The song ended up being played about twenty-some times between Monday and Wednesday. A good thing for Bieber fever fans, an annoying thing for others.

Whether students and staff were motivated to help raise money for a good cause, or to end the "like baby, baby, baby, oh" marathon, the plan worked.

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