‘Just Has to Be Found': Woman Devastated After Losing Family in Crash, Brother's Unique Camaro Stolen

In one cataclysmic crash in Ireland last December, Debbie Ceglarek lost her entire family.

"My family was the best family that I could've ever wished for," she told NBC 5. "My brothers and I were very, very, close."

Her brother, Bolingbrook police Officer Stephen Alexander,49, and parents Doug and Lily of Oak Lawn, both 75, and Doug Jr. 42, had just arrived in Ireland for an aunt's funeral.

They were all special in their suburban communities.

Steven--an exemplary, decorated and devoted Bolingbrook police officer 17 years.

He used his beloved, souped up Camaro to promote good driving and safety at car shows.

It was to be showcased at an April fundraiser for his two girls in April.

But it was stolen from a family home in Palos Heights.

The 1972 Camaro painted like a squad car was inside a trailer reported stolen on March 18 in the 7900 block of 129th Street, the sheriff’s office said.

"They took the whole trailer," Debbie said.

"To lose your entire family--all four members--I don't know if I'll ever get over it," she said. :To see Steven's car gone it brings everything right back again."

"It's another kick in the teeth, it makes me sick because it's the only piece of Steven that represents him from younger until now," she added.

Speaking out for the first time since her loss, Debbie finds comfort in being at her parents oak lawn home.

"(I) just remember how the house used to be with us crazies around," she said.

She begs for the one thing: her brother's teenage obsession to be returned.

"That car just has to be found," she said. "Just has to be found."

Anyone with information about the missing car is urged to contact the Palos Heights Police Department.

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