Just Days After CPR Course, Local Dentist Saved Wife’s Life

Just days after he had been recertified in CPR as part of his dental practice, an area dentist used his knowledge to save his wife.

Dr. Tim Aiossa, who had to get the certification for work, was lying in bed next to his wife Debbie when she suffered a heart attack in July.

Dr. Aiossa called paramedics as soon as he realized what was happening, but before Park Ridge paramedics could even be on scene, he had already started chess compressions.

“One of the men came up and kneeled next to me, and as I came up with my compression he went down without missing a beat,” he said.

It wasn’t an easy road for Debbie Aiossa, who had a second cardiac arrest and was in a medically induced coma for days, but she has recovered from her scary predicament, and she credits her strong bond of marriage, plus a healthy sense of humor, for her recovery.

“I said to him ‘do you have that cologne on again?,’ and those were my first words to him,” she said.

The American Heart Association has already named Tim a “Life Saver” for his quick response, and the Park Ridge Fire Department will present him with an award in honor of his quick actions.

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