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Jury Selection to Begin in Roadside Murder Case

Christopher Vaughn is accused of killing his wife and children in 2007



    Jury Selection to Begin in Roadside Murder Case
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    Will County is set to be the home of two ongoing high-profile murder trials starting next week.

    Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday in the case against Christopher Vaughn. Opening statements are expected to begin Aug. 20, possibly in adjoining rooms in the courthouse.

    Christopher Vaughn is charged in connection with the 2007 deaths of his wife and three children. Prosecutors say he shot them to death; Vaughn contends his wife shot him and his children in a murder-suicide.

    Vaughn's oldest daughter told her classmates her mother was "psycho" and "heard thoughts in her head," according to a comment made to Judge Daniel Rozak in June, according to the Chicago Sun-Times .

    The comment was made in order to allow a doctor to testify regarding anti-seizure medication investigators found in Vaughn's wife's body after she died, the Sun-Times reported.

    Prosecutors also had been looking for an exotic dancer to testify in the case.

    Former Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson is also currently being tried for murder in the same courthouse.