Jumbotrons Come to Ravinia

Screens to allow a look from the lawn

There are some big changes in store at Ravinia Park this summer ... big. Like giant.

Two giant video screens will flank both side of the Ravinia Festival pavillion this season, after a very successful trial run at the organization's gala last August.

The 35-acre concert and picnic venue in Highland Park is already a crowd favorite, but even as North America's oldest outdoor music festival, it is struggling in the current economic downturn.

Ravinia has opted to freeze ticket prices this season at the 2007/2008 levels, and is offering various discounts for its June 5 to Sept. 19 season.

The addition of the video screens -- with extras added to the lawn area for certain performances -- will allow visitors with lawn tickets a better look at the shows. 

The PioneerLocal.com Web site has a listing of the pop lineup and the concerts from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, along with further information about music theater and other special events planned at the park.


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