Julius Peppers Makes Large Donation to UNC

Julius Peppers is clearly a forgiving man.

Despite having his University of North Carolina transcripts, which were less than stellar, leaked last week, the Bears defensive end made a $250,000 donation to his alma mater on Monday.

Peppers has been generous to UNC. Before he signed with Chicago, he made a $100,000 donation to a fund that supports scholarships for African Americans. Monday's donation will go to the same fund.

His continued support to his university is impressive, since he confirmed the leaked transcript did belong to him.

"This week has been an upsetting and challenging week for me, as one of my most private academic documents appeared on the university's website for public examination," Peppers said in a statement from his agent. "I'm terribly disappointed in the fact that my privacy has been violated, as well as frustrated with whoever negligently and carelessly committed such a flagrant error."

In 2010, Peppers signed a deal worth $91.5 million, including $42 million guaranteed, with the Bears. Spending that money to help some students get an education is a worthwhile expense.

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