Dan Ryan Expressway

Judge Warns Dread Head Cowboy He Can Be Held in Contempt of Court For Social Media Posts

Adam Hollingsworth, known as the Dread Head Cowboy, was warned by a Cook County judge Tuesday that he can be held in contempt of court if he continues to lie about his court case on social media, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

“You really run the risk of me holding you in contempt of court,” Judge Michael McHale warned Hollingsworth, according to the Sun-Times.

Hollingsworth’s horse, NuNu, was severely injured as a result of being rode hard on the asphalt roadway after he galloped his horse on the Dan Ryan Expressway to protest violence against children, authorities claimed. He was later ordered to turn over his horses to the county.

In several Facebook posts and videos, Hollingsworth claimed he had traveled to Las Vegas and bought a new horse and that he had given one of his horses to a third party instead of turning it over the county, the Sun-Times reported.

But in reality, Hollingsworth was lying in an attempt to goad prosecutors, who he said had been harassing him and monitoring his social media accounts.

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