Judge ‘Unapologetically' Bashes German Shepherd on Head With Golf Club as it Mauls Her Poodle

A woman used a golf club to bash a German Shepherd on the head after it attacked her Poodle--and the terrifying ordeal was caught on camera.

Ginger Mance is always prepared for the unexpected.

"I was standing in mountain pose," Mance said. "I learned that in yoga ... you should not approach me when I’m in this stance.”

Her attitude is on par with her club-swinging defensive techniques.

"I will play golf with anybody’s head who wants to threaten me or my Poodle," she said.

Monday night was one of those nights in her South Shore neighborhood.

It was the first time she put the club—a gift from her landlord—to use.

"The German Shepherd grabbed my dog in his teeth," she said.

Gut-wrenching surveillance video shows the 100-pound dog pounce at Mance and her 3-year-old poodle Alalade. Mance struggles to fight off the dog with her gold club— as she even collapses to ground.

"I fell," she said. "I didn’t know what was going to happen then. I could have been killed."

But she wasn't about to go down without a fight.

“That’s when I administered a nice blow to his head with my golf club and I do it unapologetically,” she said.

But the attack left minor injuries to Mance’s hand and internal injuries to her poodle that requires emergency veterinary surgery expected to cost up to $6,000.

Mance is no stranger to these attacks. She’s a local judge that handles animal control cases.

"Please be responsible and keep your dog on the leash all the time on a public way," she said.

Under a city ordinance an owner must have their dog leashes outside of private property besides certain exceptions. Owners who disobey could face hundreds or thousands of dollars in fines.

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