Judge Orders Aaron Schock to Hand Over Thousands of Additional Documents for Investigation

Schock has until September 17 to turn over the documents, for examination by the court.

Aaron Schock

A federal judge in Springfield has ordered former congressman Aaron Schock to deliver nearly 3,000 documents relating to an ongoing investigation of Schock’s campaign and congressional office spending.

Schock has until Sept. 17 to turn over the documents for examination by the court.

Earlier this week, Schock released more than 10,000 records and offered to make the additional documents available for the judicial examination.

At one point this summer the argument over the congressman’s failure to produce the documents became so contentious that federal prosecutors tried to have him jailed for contempt.

“Mr. Schock personally owns the 18th District Office Records,” his attorneys declared in a motion filed Thursday. “They are not public records.” Schock has argued that being forced to turn over his former congressional papers would be a violation of his 5th Amendment right against self incrimination.

A hearing on the matter, scheduled for Friday, was canceled pending the new date in September.

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