‘Somebody Has To Know Where She's At': A Chicago Mother Went to Starbucks. Weeks Later She's Yet to Return

Helen Menzyk says her daughter always calls or texts her, but it’s been weeks since she’s heard from her and she believes her daughter might be in danger.

It’s now been almost three weeks since she’s seen or heard from her daughter Joyce Cluchey. This Starbucks at 47th Street and Cicero Avenue is the last place Cluchey was seen on May 18. Chicago police issued an alert for the missing 30-year-old late Tuesday night.

"I just want my daughter back," Menzyk told NBC 5 Wednesday. "Somebody has to know where she's at."

The days go by, but hope persists for Menzyk.

"I have faith in God that she will show up," she said.

She refuses to give up on her daughter.

"I'm constantly looking at my phone, pacing the floor, getting in my van going to look for her and not coming up with nothing," Menzyk said. "It ain’t like Joyce not to call me. She always calls me and lets me know she's OK."

Menzyk said her daughter was getting ready to get on the eastbound bus at 47th Street and Cicero Avenue going east when they last spoke.

"I texted her and I said 'I love you,'" she recalled. "And she texted and said 'I love you, too.'"

Cluchey has a 9 year old son who keeps asking when his mom is coming home, Menzyk said.

"He says 'Nana, have you heard from my mom, can you find her?'" she said. "I'm trying to bring her home to you," the worried mother tells her grandson.

Bonnie Kovalsky, Cluchey's aunt, believes her niece may be in danger. She said a guy Cluchey was hanging out with might have been abusive.

"Yes, I do think she is in harm's way," she said.

Cluchey's family’s says they’ll continue hanging fliers and chasing leads as they try to find her.

Detectives have told Cluchey's family that they plan to check surveillance cameras in the area where she was last seen and from CTA buses.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Chicago police.

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