Jordan, Pippen Were Initially Asked to Visit North Korea

The uproar over Dennis Rodman's first visit to North Korea would have seemed tame in comparison to if the TV show that arranged it had landed its initial targets -- Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen.

VICE co-founder Shane Smith told the New York Times that the show initially asked Jordan or Pippen to visit the communist country and hang out with leader Kim Jong Un, but both declined.

Rodman was widely criticized for the visit, and has since been back to the country without VICE cameras.

The newspaper asked Smith if he unleashed a monster.

"Rodman went for three days. We were there for 10 days to shoot. Have we unleashed a monster? Probably. The guy has a well-documented alcohol problem, and I hope he gets better. I mean, we knew that they loved the Bulls, but most of the Bulls didn’t want to go." -- VICE co-founder Shane Smith

Rodman entered alcohol rehab after his last North Korean visit.

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