Jon Stewart Bashes Chicago for Re-Electing Rahm Emanuel

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart bashed Chicagoans Wednesday for re-electing Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Stewart, appearing surprised by the city’s decision to give Emanuel a second chance, questioned the mayor's track record and campaign strategy in his latest segment "The Midwest Wing."

“Back in the day Chicago was a seedy hotbed of violence, financial ruin, and blatant crimes against humanity,” Stewart said as a picture of deep dish pizza appeared on the screen. “And by back in the day I mean 2011.”

(The pizza jab is a reference to an earlier battle between Stewart and Chicago where he berated the city’s iconic deep-dish pie.)

Stewart went on to criticize the city’s violence record, saying the crime rate was so bad even Detroit left.

“Luckily for Chicago that was when a new sheriff walked into town,” Stewart said.

He then references an increase in shootings and a $2 billion budget deficit.

“Things are looking up,” he said. “And by things, I mean the money they don’t have and crime.”

The mayor found himself battling for a second term in the city’s first-ever runoff election this month, ultimately beating out his challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia.

“How would a sitting mayor with a terrible record and a universally recognized abrasive personality defeat this country’s fourth most famous ‘Chuy’?” Stewart said.

The answer—with his campaign ads acknowledging his personality flaws.

“Chicago congratulations, you Rolling Stoned that s---,” Stewart said. “The report is in on everything you have done wrong and we feel that that report is punishment enough.”

Fortunately for Chicago, Emanuel says he considers himself a new mayor, promising to run the city with a “new governing style” effective immediately.  

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