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Joliet Mother Gives Birth to Son, Twins and Now Triplets

Ten years ago a Joliet woman gave birth to her first child, Logan. Three years ago she carried twins Marcel and Victor.

This year, Teri Nobles gave birth to triplet boys Vincent, Santino and Andres on March 8 —a run doctors call a “one-in-a-million occurrence,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

The Tribune interviewed Nobles’ obstetrician Dr. Richard Barton, who expressed that baby groupings of this nature are extremely rare.

What is more unusual is that the family has no history of multiple births and her babies were conceived without the use of in vitro.

The triplets were born 3 ½ weeks prematurely and doctors decided to deliver them via caesarean section when they noticed one of the babies stopped growing inside the placenta he shared with his brother, the Tribune wrote.

The babies stayed in the neonatal intensive care nursery at Good Samaritan for a few weeks before going home and meeting the rest of the family.

The triplets’ father Mario Aguirre said no one he knows has been in a similar situation to offer advice, the Tribune said, but his wife assured that they are prepared, given the plenty of clothes they can recycle from previous births and family who live nearby to help.

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