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Teen Riot Shuts Down Joliet Bar



    Teen Riot Shuts Down Joliet Bar

    Seven teens were arrested following a melee in a bar and grill where a Sweet 16 birthday party was being held.

    A portion of Joliet's Bar Blu had been rented out for the party, but the minors gained access to the bar area without any adult supervision, Deputy Chief Mike Trafton told the Daily Herald.

    The youngsters apparently got out of hand and a nearby police officer was flagged down.

    "There were 50 to 60 people, mostly juveniles, tearing up the bar, wrecking chairs and tables, brawling inside and out into the street," Trafton said.

    A 16-year-old boy was arrested after police said he "headbutted" an officer in the face.  Six others also were arrested on mob action and battery charges.  The officer who was headbutted received stitches at the hospital before being released, Trafton said.

    Police estimated over 100 people attended the party. Reports said fliers were distributed around town announcing the celebration would include "a VIP room with provocative dancing."

    "Officers witnessed several female minors wearing lingerie in the bar and running from the scene," Trafton said.

    Joliet's mayor on Friday ordered the bar closed for seven days.  An emergency hearing on the bar's liquor license will be held next week.