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Jury Convicts Mastermind of Darien Triple Murders

Johnny Borizov found guilty of three murder counts, one count of solicitation of murder



    Jury Convicts Mastermind of Darien Triple Murders

    A DuPage County jury deliberated for fewer than three hours before convicting a Willow Springs man in the 2010 shooting deaths of three members of a Darien family.

    Johnny Borizov, 21, was involved in a bitter custody dispute with his girlfriend, Angela Kramer, when Kramer's mother, father and brother were shot dead in their home in 2010. Though he wasn't accused of being the triggerman, prosecutors alleged he manipulated another man, Jacob Nodarse, into committing the crime.

    Jurors agreed, convicting Borizov on three counts of murder and solicitation of murder of Angela Kramer, who escaped the rampage.

    "Johnny Borizov thought only of himself," said DuPage County State's Attorney Bob Berlin. " He now faces mandatory life without parole, which is a sentence he justly deserves.

    Prior to the reading of the verdict, one Kramer family member said, "I'm sick to my stomach." Once Borizov was convicted, another Kramer relative said, "It's over" before a number of those in the courtroom began sobbing and hugging.

    Angela Kramer held on tight to her fiancé as her former boyfriend and the father of her child was lead away.

    By stark contrast, there was no emotion and no reaction from either Borizov, his family members or his defense, though they did vow to appeal the jury's decision.

    "We were surprised at how quickly the jury came to a verdict," said attorney Richard Kling. "There are technical evidentiary issues [that could be part of the appeal].

    Nodarse pleaded guilty in 2011 to the death of Jeffrey Kramer as part of a plea deal and charges for the other two murders were dropped. He testified against Borizov during the four-week trial.

    The case was the first Chicago-area trial to allow cameras in court during testimony.

    Borizov did not to take the stand in his own defense.

    A hearing for post-trial motions was scheduled for June 27. A sentencing date will be set during that hearing.