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John Hersey High School Faculty Creates ‘Home Alone' Spoof For Students

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Faculty at John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights released a holiday video for students based on the Christmas film "Home Alone."

John Novak, Vice Principle of John Hersey High School, starred in a student-produced Christmas video called "Nanook Alone."

In the holiday production, Novak locks up the high school and leaves for Christmas break, realizing he left behind the school's mascot, Nanook the Huskie, inside the building alone.

"Oh boy, this is great. I am so ready for break, a couple days off. This is going to be fantastic," Novak said in the video. "I just feel like I forgot something in the building, I don't know. The Nanook!"

The school's mascot is then seen roaming about the school grounds. Nanook enjoys the vice principle's office, bounces on the gymnastics trampoline, shaves in the locker rooms and orders pizza delivery.

The film ends with a reunion between Novak and Nanook in a common area of the school where the two choose not to hug, but rather "elbow bump" due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Novak has been working at John Hersey High School for 33 years, a source close to the school said.

"He was hired as a math teacher and promoted to assistant principal and then Vice Principal," the source said. "Dr. Novak is a very popular guy at Hersey and a tremendous sport to 'star' in this student produced video."

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