Joe Walsh To Address Chicago Tea Party

Former Congressman Joe Walsh's (it feels great to type that) campaign for Senate or governor begins next Wednesday at 7 p.m., at Blackie’s restaurant, 755 S. Clark St. That’s when and where Walsh will address a meeting of the Chicago Tea Party.

Nobody expected the right-wing motormouth to shut up after he was defeated by Tammy Duckworth on Nov. 6. At his last town hall meeting, a month later, Walsh mused that it would be “fun” to run against Sen. Dick Durbin and warned the Republican Party against nominating another “establishment fuddy-duddy” for governor.
Walsh’s final vote in Congress was against the fiscal cliff compromise, which raised taxes on Americans earning over $400,000, without significantly cutting spending. That won the approval of the Tea Party, which hated the bill on both counts.

From the Tea Party’s announcement of Walsh’s speech:
No Illinois Congressman has reflected our three core Tea Party principles better than Congressman Walsh. In fact, with a 93% rating from Heritage Action there are few other Congressmen in the entire nation with a more Conservative voting record.

You will also find out what really happened prior to the House vote on the Senate's "Fiscal Cliff" bill passed on January 1, 2013. Although the White House narrative pertaining to this bill was "balanced approach" it is nothing of the sort. It adds $4 Trillion to our already out of control deficit. Increases taxes by $620 billion with a 41:1 ratio of tax increases to spending cuts. Worse yet, it would not have passed without 85 self professed 'Republicans' voting "aye". Congressman Walsh's vote? A well informed NO.
Walsh held over 200 town hall meetings during his two years in Congress. Now that he no longer has to fly to Washington to obstruct bipartisanship, compromise and moderate Republicanism, expect to see and hear him all over Illinois.
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