Joe Walsh Forms Super PAC To Fight Superfriends

Karl Rove, who used to work in the Bush Administration and now works for Fox News, is starting a conservative Super PAC to prevent the likes of Joe Walsh from winning Republican primaries. The Conservative Victory Project wants to nominate “the most conservative candidate who can win” -- not a Tea Partier such as Walsh, or Bill Brady.

In response, Walsh is retaliating by starting his own Super PAC to “support freedom-loving conservative alternatives to Karl Rove on Fox.” Walsh just wants to nominate the most conservative candidate, whether he can win or not. He’s forming a GOP Legion of Doom to oppose Rove’s Superfriends.
As Walsh wrote on his new Facebook page, Walsh Freedom:
Karl Rove is starting a super PAC to make sure Tea Party and conservative candidates don't win Republican primaries in 2014. Hmm ... if we had listened to Karl Rove in 2010, there would be no Sen. Marco Rubio. Rove backed Charlie Crist, who was last seen raving about President Obama at the Democrat National Convention last year.

There also would be no Sen. Mike Lee. Rove backed career politician Sen. Bob Bennett in Utah. If we had listened to Rove, there would be no Sen. Rand Paul. Rove backed establishment candidate Trey Greyson in Kentucky. In fact, if we had listened to Rove in 2012, there would be no Sen. Ted Cruz. Rove pushed long time go along to get along Republican David Drewhurst [sic] in Texas. In fact, if we had listened to Karl Rove in 2010, there never would have been a Congressman Joe Walsh. Rove thought openly Tea Party candidates like Walsh couldn't win. 

Lee, Paul, Rubio, Cruz, Walsh .. all too darn conservative for Karl Rove. Game on, Mr. Rove. Let the fight for the soul of the Republican Party begin.
The money quote there? “If we had listened to Karl Rove in 2010, there would never have been a Congressman Joe Walsh.” Walsh’s base motivation isn’t supporting freedom, but supporting Walsh, when he decided to run for governor or senator next year.
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