Joe Walsh: Cut Off Aid To Egypt

Rep. Joe Walsh, Tea Party-Ill., wants to cut off aid to Egypt unless the country’s new president renounces his call to renegotiate the Camp David Accords.

Mohammed Mursi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, has said he will “reconsider” the peace treaty with Israel, which was signed in 1979. Mursi’s statement is believed to be an attempt to improve relations with Iran, which cut off ties to Egypt after the accord was signed.

Egypt currently receives around $2 billion a year from the United States.

“At a time when the United States is racking up record deficits, and American families are struggling with high taxes and difficult economic times, we need to rethink giving aid to a government who is outwardly hostile to the West and to Israel,” Walsh said in a statement.  “Aiding a group that is “rethinking” the Camp David Accords and planning to establish ties with Iran blatantly goes against everything our country stands for.”

Walsh has established himself as a hard-line ally of Israel. Last month, he published an editorial in the Washington Times rejecting the idea of a two-state solution. Walsh wrote that only “a single Israeli state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea” can guarantee peace in the Middle East, and suggested that Palestinians who don’t like it should either emigrate or remain in Israel as second-class citizens.

Those Palestinians who wish to may leave their Fatah- and Hamas-created slums and move to the original Palestinian state: Jordan. The British Mandate for Palestine created Jordan as the country for the Palestinians. That is the only justification for its creation. Even now, 75 percent of its population is of Palestinian descent. Those Palestinians who remain behind in Israel will maintain limited voting power but will be awarded all the economic and civil rights of Israeli citizens. They will be free to raise families, start businesses and live in peace, all of which are impossible under current Arab rule.

Walsh also introduced a bill to cut off funding to the United Nations unless it retracted a report accusing Israel of war crimes. As a result, he’s been the recipients of contributions from groups such as the Allies for Israel PAC, which gave him $2,500.

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