Jimmy Fallon “Freaked Out” By Mr. Beef

Chicago's iconic food has been getting a bad rap over the past couple of weeks from those New York talk show types, starting with John Stewart expressing his distaste for deep dish pizza, but leave it to Jimmy Fallon to inject a bit of pride back into our city's culinary tradition.

On Thursday's show, Fallon spoke extensively about his trip to the River North location of Mr. Beef a couple of weeks ago when he was in town promoting his takeover of "The Tonight Show."

Fallon said he found out about Mr. Beef on the internet, and was surprised to see another late night talk show connection when he got there -- autographs and pictures of Jay Leno.

Fallon ended up getting behind the counter and selling sandwiches, and couldn't stop gushing over the goodness that is an Italian beef sandwich.

"It's like a cheesesteak sandwich, with no cheese, and like a celery salt, hot pepper dressing -- unbelievable, it's so good you're going to freak out," Fallon said, adding that "it's killer diller."

Now we know where to send John Stewart next time he visits the city.

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