Jim McMahon Wants to Help You Score

The Punky QB has a new pill he'd like you to try.

Jim McMahon once helped the Bears score, piloting the legendary 1985 team to a Super Bowl championship. Now, he wants to help you score, shilling for a sex improvement drug on the pages of the Chicago Sun-Times.

McMahon is in an ad for the shadily named MVP, also known as Male Vitality Performance, which promises to help out a man with his stamina, libido and, ahem, size. He says that, "You may remember me as a Super Bowl Champion Quarterback, but now I've got a play to make YOU a champion in the bedroom! I use MVP and it really works!" It gives a whole new meaning to, "I can't dance, but I can throw the pill."

It's nice to know that McMahon hasn't changed. He is still the same man who mooned the cameras during Super Bowl week, called out NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle using a headband, and played like a crazy person on the field. McMahon isn't afraid to share himself with his fans, and that has always been one of the reasons why everyone here likes him.

Of course, McMahon isn't the only former Bears who wants to help you out with the ladies. Mike Ditka spent some time hawking erectile-dysfunction drug Levitra. This is why we still love the '85 Bears. They always put the needs of their fans first.

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