Jim McMahon Uses Medical Marijuana, Calls it ‘Godsend'

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon was never shy about hiding his hard-partying lifestyle, but nowadays his drug usage is of a non-recreational variety.

According to a new story in the Chicago Tribune, the brash quarterback is using medicinal marijuana to treat a variety of ailments that he’s suffering in his post football life, and he believes it to be a "godsend." Here’s how Comcast Sportsnet described it:

“McMahon - one of the largest personalities in Bears history - has been suffering from a lot of health issues since he retired from football, including pain, depression, memory loss, early onset dementia and issues with his vision and speech associated with concussions he suffered during his playing days.”

According to McMahon, his usage of medicinal marijuana has helped enormously with his ailments, and that it’s working better than any pain medication that he’s taken in the past.

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