“Bachelorette” Believes Swiderski Didn't Cheat

“[It’s] made us stronger and it’s only made us communicate with each other more."

Jillian Harris doesn’t believe the hype about her Lothario-like loverboy Ed Swiderski.

“I am not affected by this at all,” Harris said of reports that Swiderski, who proposed to Harris on the finale of “The Bachelorette” was stepping out on her with two former flames. “We really plan on trying to get out of the limelight and trying to get on with our lives."

Last week it was reported that Ed Swiderski carried on relationships with two former gal pals while he was courting Jillian on national television. Text messages lifted from the other women’s phones reveal shady intentions.

Lindsey Steffen, one of Swiderski’s exes told the Us weekly that Chicago Ed texted her to “bring beer and condoms” over to his place just a few days after proposing to Harris.

Ed, a software consultant, was able to fire off the illicit texts and emails while under the strict scrutiny of reality show taskmasters because they bent the rules for him. Usually contestants have no email or phone access while they’re sequestered for the show.

The flap hasn’t dampened Harris’ excitement about moving to Chicago at the beginning in Chicago. Actually the rumors have helped.

“[It’s] made us stronger and it’s only made us communicate with each other more,” Harris told her hometown newspaper, The Province.

She also said that all’s fair in love and reality television.

"I was falling in love with two other guys two days before we got engaged," she told People magazine. "That's a double standard. If he had feelings for these two other girls while he was on the show, that's normal."

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