Jillian Moves In

“There were socks and underwear lying around the place,” Jillian said.

It’s moving day for Bachelorette star Jillian Harris.

The Canadian beauty is all set to share digs with Chicago beau Ed Swiderski, and get out of the spotlight.

“I can start [having] a real life again,” Jillian said. “I’m looking forward to some sort of normalcy –- making dinners, waking up early, cleaning house. It’s perfect.”

But before she moved in she had to do some redecorating.

“When I first saw it, there was a lot of brick and dark brown leather and wood,” Jillian told People magazine about Ed’s pad. “I tried to keep it masculine, but I replaced some of his dark brown cushions with some cream and light green to lighten it up a bit.”

Harris updated the one-bedroom condo with gear from Pottery Barn, Z Gallerie and Bed, Bath and Beyond. She also had to tidy up around the bachelor pad.

“There were socks and underwear lying around the place,” Jillian said.

Swiderski doesn’t mind having a woman’s touch around his place. He said he was fine with all of her changes.

“I liked it,” he said of the makeover. “There are things I like but would never go out of my way to shop for like pillows. I just don’t do that. But I like it a lot.”

He better get used to things being her way, because the two are already talking about getting hitched. Jillian has the whole thing planned out, even she won’t set a date until the two have lived together for at least six months, which is just enough time to see if Swiderski remains faithful.

Harris dished on her wedding plans to Radaronline.com.

"It will probably be in my parents' backyard and it will be super low key," she said. "I'm going to have a couple of kegs, a live band and maybe a hundred people and that's it. My auntie Becky will make a cabbage roll."

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