Former Blago Attorney Interested in Jesse Jackson Jr.'s House Seat

Sam Adam Jr., the boisterous attorney who represented now-jailed former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, confirmed that he'd be open to representing Illinois in the U.S. House of Representatives.

"Yes, I'm interested," he said during a Wednesday guest hosting appearance on WLS-AM's "The Roe & Roeper Show." "To be honest, I would love it because I look at it as the ultimate voice for the voiceless."

He may just get his chance if the seat currently held by Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. opens up.

Jackson Jr. has been a no-show from Congress since June and has been receiving treatment for bipolar depression, according to doctors. He's also under investigation by federal authorities and the House Committee on Ethics.

Still, Adam Jr. said he hadn't yet full made up his mind, reiterating comments he made a day earlier, when he told Ward Room he would "take some time with my family" to "talk about" the seat if a special election to replace Jackson Jr. came up on the political calendar.

Adam Jr., who also represented R. Kelly in the singer's infamous trial, said the people of the 2nd District, where Jackson Jr currently serves, deserve a congressman who isn't checked into the Mayo Clinic, where Jackson Jr. stayed for the last few weeks -- including on election night.

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