Jenny McCarthy Hopes to Be Bears’ Lucky Charm

Brian Urlacher's girlfriend moves back to Chicago area with son

Expect to see a lot more of Jenny McCarthy in the next few months.

Playboy readers are seeing a lot of her this month as she graces the cover of the latest issue.

But now that Brian Urlacher's main squeeze has moved back closer to the Evergreen Park home where she grew up, Jenny sightings are going to common. Especially during football season.

"I'm hoping I'll bring some lucky charm to the team and we can go all the way to the Super Bowl," McCarthy said at a Ciroc Vodka pool party appearance over the weekend. "The team's good this year, it's looking good, and I'm doing my part people."

McCarthy said she'd been thinking about making the move back home from LA for the past couple of years, especially since her son, Evan, turned 10.

"I didn't want him to be raised by nannies," McCarthy said. "I'm a single mom and I work a lot, so I wanted him to be raised by myself and maybe my mother who can help me, and then falling for somebody kind of put the final push in it, so it's a combination of wanting to give my son a great life and to follow my heart a little bit."

So is it safe to say she's in love?

"Baby steps," she said with a smile on her face.

(Photo courtesy Cindy Barrymore)

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