Rep. Jeanne Ives Inching Toward a GOP Primary Run Against Rauner

State Rep. Jeanne Ives has not ruled out a run for governor and is even being urged to challenge Gov. Bruce Rauner in the upcoming Republican primary.

Conservatives have voiced disappointment with Rauner's record, particularly his recent signing of House Bill 40, an abortion funding and access measure.

Ives told NBC 5 she's "exploring the option by having important conversations with folks around the state" about "challenging the unprincipled and morally bankrupt politicians who have failed to deliver reforms demanded by taxpayers, business and ordinary citizens that have played by the rules and yet, find themselves ignored by leader in both parties." [[419186634, C]]

For now, Ives has not begun circulating petitions for governor, but other conservative members of the Illinois GOP are hoping she will, saying Rauner "has major problems with the base."

Other policies that more conservative members of the party have disagreed with include Rauner’s signing of a bill to effectively turn Illinois into a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants, as well as a landmark rewrite of the state’s school funding formula.

GOP mega donor Dick Uhlein has supported Ives in previous races, and is among those that the Wheaton lawmaker would likely court if she decides to move forward with a statewide run.

"This is the people's seat, not the financiers – even as I recognize that campaigns take financial support. I am fortunate to have had his support before and would hope to gain his and many others’ support in any future race I decide to get involved in – state rep. or otherwise," Ives said.

A West Point graduate, Ives has served in the Illinois House for five years.

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