Rep. Jeanne Ives Not Ruling Out Run Against Rauner Amid Conservative Backlash Over Abortion Bill

Illinois Republicans are split over whether to support Gov. Bruce Rauner after his decision to sign the abortion funding measure, House Bill 40.

Wheaton State Rep. Jeanne Ives has been approached by conservatives to consider opposing Rauner in the March primary, but for now, she is noncommittal.

"I’m not actively pursuing it, I’m letting it kind of boil up and we’ll see what happens," Ives said. "I’m hoping somebody comes forward to run against him and we take him out as Republicans. Or I’m hoping that he decides on his own, 'Look my base is eroded beneath me, there’s no chance of me winning because my base is going to stay home.'"

Ives, a West Point graduate, has served in the Illinois House for five years.

She said she also disagrees with the governor’s approval of the education funding bill and the sanctuary state law, both signed earlier this year.

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