Donald Trump

JB Pritzker Joins Fellow Governors in Meeting With President Trump

Governor-elect J.B. Pritzker joined his fellow newly minted state leaders during a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday.

Pritzker often slammed the president on the campaign trail, but said that his meeting with Trump was cordial.

“He seemed to be in a good mood and was welcoming to all of the governors,” Pritzker said. “We had a good conversation about the issues that were important to us.”

That impression was at odds with the way that Pritzker spoke about the president on the campaign trail, often blasting Governor Bruce Rauner for his ties with the commander-in-chief.

Since the election, Pritzker has said that he will work with members of both parties, Democrat and Republican, to bring more federal dollars to the state of Illinois, and that includes President Trump.

“I was glad to go to Washington to advocate for the people of Illinois,” he said. “We need to bring more federal dollars to Illinois, and I had the opportunity to advocate for infrastructure, and he expressed his desire to get a bill passed as well.”

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