Jazzercise Michael Madigan Goes for Cheap Laughs (And Succeeds)

Sweat it out!

Even Lisa Madigan might laugh at the sight of her stern, jaded father decked out in exuberant '80s jazzercise drag.

The bizarre image of the powerful and reviled Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan that's making the media rounds, courtesy of the Liberty Principles PAC, a conservative group led by Illinois radio host/ex-governor candidate Dan Proft, is funny because it's so low budget. Whoever super-imposed the Democratic kingpin's face on the body of what appears to be Kelly Kopowski from Saved by the Bell did an especially terrible job, which makes it that much more absurd/amusing.

"Chicago Democrats have been in charge of Illinois since leggings and headbands were the exercise fashion rage. Like those fashions, one party rule of Illinois is out of style," says the narrator in Liberty Principles' new ad touting GOP state rep candidate Terri Bryant.

If the Democratic Party wants to be a good sport about it, they could cobble together a response video featuring Madigan in 2014-trendy workout gear a la Lululemon yoga pants, Stella McCartney for Adidas sneakers and a bottle of green juice. The inspiration: A Gold Coast Starbucks at 8:30 a.m.

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