JayCav Keeping Baby's Sex a Secret: Report

Looks like Jay Cutler and Kirstin Cavallari will be keeping the sex of their second baby hush hush, and they’ll need to be especially careful around teammate Earl Bennett.

Cavallari told People Magazine the couple plans to find out the sex of their new baby but they’re “not going to tell anybody, so it will be a surprise for everybody else.”

Bennett spilled the beans to the public that the two were having a baby boy last year during a radio interview, and the couple was reportedly less-than pleased.

This time, they’re not risking it, and their keeping the baby’s sex on the down low from everyone.

At the risk of upsetting the Bears mojo with another slip-up, we’re hoping the couple’s strategic plan to keep it a secret works.

Good move JayCav… Good move.

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