Jay Z Name Checks Chief Keef in Protest Song

Rapper suggests buying a "kilo for Chief Keef" in song

Peeda Pan

Jay Z is taking plenty of shots this week after visiting Cuba with his wife, Beyonce, but perhaps lost in the shuffle is a mention of Chicago teen rapper Chief Keef.

After U.S. Treasury Department officials announced that the star couple's Cuban trip was officially sanctioned in advance, Jay Z released a track called "Open Letter," firing back at his critics.

"Wanna give me jail time and a fine? Fine, let me commit a real crime. Might buy a kilo for Chief Keef, out of spite, I just might flood these streets," Jay Z raps on the song.

Keef, who's real name is Keith Cozart, is currently on probation for pointing a gun at a police officer in 2011 and was just released from jail earlier this month on a probation violation.

Keef hasn't responded directly to the content of Jay Z's lyrics -- probably a smart move considering he's on probation -- but he has been retweeting what others have been saying.

The teen rapper has lost some of his steam since heading to jail and the mixed results of his debut CD, but a mention by the most important figure in the hip hop industry probably won't be bad for business.

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