Jay Cutler's Career Hits New Milestone With Obituary Mention

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has seen himself become the subject of memes, had his autograph fail to sell at a charity auction, and married a reality television star, but on Thursday his career hit a new surreal milestone.

That’s because Cutler’s name popped up in the obituary of Elizabeth Porter Bowman, who passed away earlier this month. The obituary, which was published by the Chicago Tribune, features a passage about Bowman’s love of sports, but her feelings on Cutler were decidedly less warm and fuzzy:

“She was a woman of loyalty, integrity, opinion, curiosity, and intelligence. A lifelong fan of the Cubs, Blackhawks and Bears (except Jay Cutler).”

First Cutler was left off the Pro Bowl roster, and now this. It’s hard to tell what’s next for Cutler, but it’s going to be tough to top this one.

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