Jay Cutler Won't Play on Monday

After sustaining a concussion during Sunday night's loss to the Texans, Quarterback Jay Cutler has been ruled out to play against the 49ers for this coming Monday night. The Bears made it official on their Twitter account.

Instead, Jason Campbell will step up. The quarterback, who started for the Redskins and Raiders, was brought in just for this kind of situation. Cutler's only full season in Chicago was his first one. A good back-up was needed, and now we know why.

This is not a bad thing, Bears fans. It is bad for the quarterback to take such a hard hit that his brain needs time to heal, but it's not a bad thing that he is not rushing back to the field. Cutler deserves the chance to heal before stepping back on the field. Not only will he play better when he does return, but healing time will do more for his long-term health and safety.

And this is not like last season, when the Bears were turned over to the inexperienced Caleb Hanie. He had no idea how to lead a team for an entire game. This is Jason Campbell, a player who has been in 75 games. (Cutler has been in 87.) Campbell will show what he can do after a full week of practice with the first team, and Cutler will be allowed to get to full strength.

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