Jay Cutler Very Zen About Not Having a New Contract

Jay Cutler's contract is up this year. For many, the prospect of having to look for new employment at the end of the year would be scary. Some -- like me -- would be freaking out. Don't count Cutler in that group. The Bears' quarterback is very zen about the whole thing.

He told ESPN Chicago that the whole contract thing would work itself out.

"That stuff takes care of itself. As long as we're winning football games and I'm playing well, hopefully they keep me around. If that doesn't happen, we'll see how it plays out. I'm not going to be distracted by it. I can't worry about it. I've been in this league long enough. I've seen guys come and guys go. It will work out the way it's supposed to work out."

Before Marc Trestman was hired, the Bears reportedly were working on a contract that would pay Cutler $15 million a year, but the talks stopped when Trestman was brought in. Now, with training camp about to start, it looks like Cutler will not get an extension. He will have to perform to get more money.

The good news is that Cutler seems to be aware of that, and not particularly worried about not having a contract. Let's hope that he is focused on the season, and not the latest episode of "Laguna Beach.

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