Jay Cutler Shows Up to Training Camp in Decked Out Conversion Van

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is rolling in dough after signing a rich seven-year extension over the offseason, but despite having more money in his wallet, he didn’t show up to training camp in Bourbonnais in a Rolls Royce, a Ferrari, or even an Escalade (the vehicle he came to town in last year).

He showed up in this:

Granted, we're not talking about your run-of-the-mill minivan:

But Cutler isn't concerned about vans, he's focused on one goal -- getting the team into the playoffs and to the Super Bowl. And frankly, he doesn’t care how they do it:

Cutler has a lot to live up to when it comes to his new contract. Under head coach Marc Trestman, Cutler threw for 2621 yards and 19 touchdowns, but he still turned the ball over too often (he threw 12 interceptions, which represented a slight decline from the 2012 season but he also had 79 fewer attempted passes), and his decision-making has still been a question mark.

Even still, Cutler doesn't have to worry about his job coming into camp. The back-up quarterback spot, which will likely be contested between Jordan Palmer (whom Marc Trestman tagged as the guy who will get the first shot at it) and Jimmy Clausen during the preseason, will be the real storyline to watch in camp. 

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