Jay Cutler Passes to Brandon Marshall (VIDEO)

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The Bears started voluntary off-season workouts last week, but this week was the first time coaches got to run football drills with the team.

Want your heart to be warmed? Click here and watch this. We'll wait.

DID YOU SEE THAT? Yes, that Jay Cutler easily completing passes to Brandon Marshall. It's not just that Cutler can throw the ball to any point he wants it in the field. It's that he had someone there who can easily make the catch and then run (unencumbered) for a touchdown. It's the first time the two have played together since Dec. 29, 2008, but they looked just as comfortable together as they did when wearing Broncos uniforms.

Not only that, we get to see Lance Briggs attack a tackling dummy like it owes him money, Julius Peppers telling another tackling dummy to go away, Jason Campbell not looking like a mere backup, and J'Marcus Webb ... look like he's trying really hard.

It's not real, true football, but it is something resembling the sport we love. With kickoff months away, it's more than enough.

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