Cutler Passes First Concussion Tests

Texans Bears Football

Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler passed the first stages of the concussion tests, but still isn't cleared to play on Sunday.

Cutler's symptoms arose at halftime against the Texans but weren't any less or any worse from those experienced in previous concussions.

"I haven't experienced anything out of the normal from other concussions I've had" Cutler said Wednesday. He'll go through the normal NFL protocol which means passing a series of tests with an independent neurologist after practicing.

That's what Bears defensive end Shea McClellin did and he's cleared to play if symptoms don't return.

"You trust the doctors and our training staff that we're going to make the right decision not only for the near future but for my lifetime going forward" Cutler said.  

Cutler didn't say whether he actually was cleared last week but did say Lovie Smith aired on the side of caution holding him out Monday Night.  

"We don't want to put anyone in harms way" Smith agreed. So it's wait and see until Friday.

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