Jay Cutler, Meet Jay Cutler

Though Jay Cutler has been on Twitter for more than two years, he hasn't immersed himself in the technology as much as his teammates until recently.

His fake counterpart, on the other hand, has had us laughing from the very first tweet. Run by Burnsy at "With Leather," "Not Jay Cutler" has created a fake persona for Cutler, riffing on the QB's perceived personality with usually vulgar tweets.

It seemed like the real Jay knew nothing of the fake Jay, until Sunday. Cutler tweeted:

@notjaycutler just saw you got a new follower. @Kristincav likes your style I guess.

Amazing. Not only is Jay Cutler's on-again, off-again girlfriend Kristin Cavallari following the fake Jay, but Cutler got a laugh out of having a fake. Kudos to the genius behind "Not Jay Cutler" for responding quickly to the real thing.

@JayCutler6 So clingy, bro.

This season, Cutler has loosened up. His teammates have noticed a difference, and Cutler has even been more laid back with reporters. Using Twitter to tease teammates and take a little teasing of his own is the latest step in the relaxing of the QB. His demeanor has nothing to do with how he plays, but it is much easier to cheer for this Cutler than the one who seemed so closed off for so long. 

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