Jay Cutler Confident He'll Be Back This Season

Last night's performance by Jason Campbell was disappointing and didn't meet the expectations set by his $3.5 million price tag. Bears fans are wondering when will we see No. 6 on the field again?

Cutler is wondering the same thing. During his radio show on ESPN Chicago today, Cutler said he's feeling better but he has to wait and see.

"I feel good .... normal," Cutler said when asked how he felt. "We going through the process (of being approved to return).

Asked about when he would be back in action, Cutler said, "Yeah, I'll be back. I can't say (Sunday) for sure, we're still going through the process. But I'll play again this year."

THIS YEAR? BUT WE NEED YOU -- OK. Momentary overreaction at the idea the Bears won't have Cutler soon. He needs to heal before he steps back on the field. That's both for his own health and for the health of the team. A woozy quarterback benefits no one but the opponent.

It's smart for him to avoid making promises on when he will come back because he has very little control over the process. Before Cutler can be returned, he has to be cleared by team doctors as well as a neurologist not connected to the team. He has to show he's asymptomatic, and there's nothing Cutler can do to hurry this process.

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