Jailed Playboy Pulled From Fast Lane

34-year-old denies involvement in double-fatal hit-and-run

He's 34 years old and has been living a privileged life in the lap of luxury in Southern Florida.

Can you say spoiled brat?

But the gravy train may be coming to a end for Hoffman Estates native Ryan LeVin, heir to a family fortune and dubbed a "millionaire playboy" by British tabloids.

LeVin was arrested and jailed in Cook County Tuesday on a parole violation stemming from a 2006 car chase in Chicago, not on charges related to his more recent tangle with the law.

Authorities in Florida are investigating LeVin's involvement in a double-fatal hit-and-run crash that killed two British tourists in Ft. Lauderdale on Feb. 13.

LeVin's Porsche 911 Turbo, valued at about $120,000, was found to have been the vehicle which sped down a Ft.  Lauderdale street that night, jumping the curb and slamming into Kenneth Watkinson, 48, and Craig Elford, 39, as the two walked back to their hotel.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the incident "left five children fatherless and sparked outrage in England and South Florida."

LeVin claims that he was not driving the car at the time of the crash.  The Tribune details a number of witnesses who claim to have seen him racing his car along the boulevard where the crash occured not long before the two men were killed.

The Tribune also paints a picture of a troubled man battling with drug addiction, dealing with a nasty divorce and still struggling with charges from the 2006 incident in Chicago in which he ran over a police officer and led police on a high-speed chase on the Kennedy Expressway. 

His family has kept a distance since the Feb. 13 crash in Florida, issuing a statement of condolences to the families of the two men killed and remaining conspicuously absent from LeVin's court date on Tuesday.

LeVin's attorney, Michael Norris, says the defendant's parents would have been in court had they known he was going to be incarcerated.

He is to return to court on Thursday to see if he's eligible for a substance abuse program at the jail.

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