Blago: “It's in God's Hands”

Shortly after 12 men and women were sent off to deliberate the fate of Rod Blagojevich, the former governor addressed the media in the lobby of the Dirksen Federal Building about where he thinks the chips will fall.

"[The jurors] are the ones who will decide and make the decision," Blagojevich said.  "Patti and I have great confidence and faith in their judgment, common sense and decency. And ultimately in the final analysis Patti and I always have a deep and abiding faith in God ... and ultimately it's in God's hands."

The governor said that during the trial, he was sustained by those who showed up to support him.

"Let me also say from a personal point of view, having been the governor, how gratifying it is to hear the the different people who have come up to me during this trial who've thanked me. A young mother came up to me and expressed gratitude for the 'all kid's program and health care for her child.

"The number of senior citizens who have come up and flashed their senior bus rides cards; that's very meaningful and it gives me perspective to know that while I was governor real good things happened for the people of Illinois while I was governor. That has sustained me during this trial."

Blagojevich and his wife then left the podium without taking questions.

"Now we wait," he said before leaving.

His lawyer Sam Adam predicted that wait would be about a week, and that the jury would return a verdicts of not-guilty on all 24 counts.

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